901 Offering




When it comes to unleashing restoration, God rarely works alone. It takes many committed believers giving both time and financial resources to see God’s vision of restoration take shape. As a church who cares deeply about our mission to help people see Jesus, we applaud your contributions and urge you to consider giving to our 901 Offering.



Because we believe in cultivating a culture of giving, Sycamore View is challenging each member to dedicate a financial contribution to our upcoming 901 Missions Offering. We know budgets can be tight, but we encourage you to find a way to devote your own offering whether it’s giving up your morning Starbucks drinks, cutting weekly spending, or raising funds to donate toward our missions offering.

As you collect funds, make sure your family knows why it’s important to give and who these gifts help. As passionate disciples, our goal is to give just as God gave–sacrificially.

If you are not able to give financially, we do ask that you write prayers or pledges of service to others and bring them in place of your financial offering. Thank you in advance for your servant hearts as we seek to restore God’s Kingdom in Memphis through the 901 Missions Offering!

Bring your gifts on Sunday, April 24, for our 901 Offering. During this special time, we will give glory to God and dedicate our gifts collectively to be deployed both in Memphis and around the world in an effort to help people see Jesus.


At Sycamore View, our mission is to help people see Jesus, and we are passionately convicted that reorienting people to Him is the only way to truly restore hearts, relationships, and communities. Our vision for our church family calls for partnership with God to help restore the brokenness both in Memphis and around the world.

Not only are we a force of restoration to our community, but we also partner with non-profit organizations such as HopeWorks and Agape, Handprints, Harding School of Theology, and Soma, as well as our Compassion ministry team to help restore the city of Memphis.



Our mission efforts are not special assignments that God gives to only a few Christians. Instead, they are the calling of all disciples to engage the world.

At Sycamore View, we believe we are called to help sow the seeds of the Kingdom of God and engage in mission efforts that help people see Jesus. Though that mission begins right here in Memphis, it also extends to the ends of the earth because God has called us to make disciples of all nations.