Meet Donna & Tommy

Today, it is time to get to know Donna Davenport and Tommy Collier a little better.

Donna has been writing my sermons for the past few years. Well, maybe not, but she probably could. In all seriousness, Donna helps keep this place going. She has been at Sycamore View since 1984, and has been an administrative assistant for 13 years. The Lord uses her to fill this place with joy every day of the week. Whenever a minister is in need of a word of encouragement, we do not hesitate to go talk with Donna. She is married to Doug, and she grew up in Arkansas.

Tommy is a man who knows the word of God, and he allows it to inspire him to faithful action. He has served as a Shepherd at Sycamore View for over a decade. I greatly appreciate the wisdom and insight he brings to our leadership. When Tommy speaks, everyone listens. He is married to Brenda.

Be sure and tell Donna and Tommy how much you appreciate them: Donna (ddavenport@sycamoreview.org) and Stoney (colliertom@comcast.net).



How long have you lived in the 901?
Donna Davenport (DD): 30 years.
Tommy Collier (TC): Since before we started using area codes... My phone number was MU3-1957.

What are your three favorite Memphis restaurants?
DD: Central BBQ, Bailey’s (the new restaurant in Bartlett that serves country vittles), and it was Bruno’s…but it closed a couple of months ago. : (
TC: Jim’s Place, Owen Brennan, or any Chinese buffet.

What is your favorite cereal?
DD: Oats, Raisins & Honey Granola (Kroger brand)
TC: Frosted Flakes

What is your favorite season of the year, and why?
DD: Spring….God’s beautiful world is in fresh, full bloom and it’s not really hot yet!
TC: Fall (for the colors)

What is the most memorable place you’ve ever visited?
DD: Cooperstown, New York – it’s a wonderful baseball town. I got to see my youngest son play at the Cooperstown Dream Park when he was 12 as well as my husband coach the team. The Baseball Hall of Fame was awesome too!
TC: High camp on Senior Trek in Utah – time with God among the aspens.

Where did you attend college?
DD: Arkansas Tech University in Russellville, AR and University of Arkansas at Little Rock, AR.
TC: Freed-Hardeman

What are your three favorite books in the Bible, and why?
DD: 1) Genesis – The beginning of all that I believe to be true; 2) Proverbs – Filled with wise words and good advice; 3) Matthew, Mark, Luke & John (I know, that’s 4, but couldn’t decide) – I can learn of Jesus through His own words, actions and examples; 4) I know you asked for 3, but I have to add Revelation. I have grown to love this book!
TC: Romans – righteousness from God, life in the Spirit; John – Incarnate Word, Love one another; James – Practical living in Christ

What excites you the most about what God is doing at Sycamore View?
DD: God is challenging us to become more aware of the scope and extent of His love as we immerse ourselves in our community through our Shelby Oaks and Kingsbury school adoptions, the Boys and Girls Club, Celebrate Recovery, HopeWorks, Handprints, the Food Pantry, our MDO Program, Restore Days, and many other ministries. He is allowing us to embrace the diversity of our lives and celebrate the differences as we worship together. We are learning to take what we hear from the “Sunday morning pew” and apply it.
TC: I believe we are being conditioned to recognize and grasp the presence and work of God individually and collectively to His ultimate glory and to our growth into the likeness of Jesus.

Do you think Josh looks like Bear Grylls?
DD: Definitely a resemblance.
TC: Had to Google it – a bit like him.

What gives you hope about the future of Sycamore View and the Kingdom of God?
DD: The vision of Sycamore View is “helping people see Jesus” and I believe that is the core of our direction and leadership. SV is awakening our minds and challenging many of our comfort zones as we realize that God’s Kingdom is happening now…and we want to be a part of it!
TC: The younger folks coming along seem to possess a willingness to execute God’s plan and work rather than debate it – less dogma, more doing.