Our Five Commitments


AT SYCAMORE VIEW, our plan for helping you develop into a faithful disciple of Jesus is to cultivate a thriving environment that will help you mature and grow. In order for us to fulfill our commitment to you, we ask that every member carry out our following five commitments.


Discovery is at the heart of our faith. This adventure involves searching for truth, pursuing Jesus, and discovering your role in God’s Kingdom. We ask that you do the following:

  1. Be present for our weekly worship together.
  2. Prepare for a discipleship journey; not a destination.


God created us for community. We believe it’s essential that everyone be engaged in a genuine connection to God and people through at least one of the following:

  1. Sunday or Wednesday Bible Class 
  2. Life Group
  3. Discipleship Group
  4. Bible Study Group


Jesus’ desire is to create a church culture where service becomes a lifestyle. Because serving others helps restore hearts, relationships, and communities, we ask that every member commit to at least one of the following Ministry Teams:

  1. Connect Team (Body Life, Adult Ed., Life Groups, Discover)
  2. Serve Team (Local, Urban, Global, Compassion)
  3. Give Team (Financial, Facilities, Hospitality)


It’s our belief that all things belong to God. We give of our time, talents, and finances because we have been given the greatest gift—Jesus.

  1. Give during our weekly offering or online
  2. Give to our 901 (Local Missions) and our 316 (Global Missions) offerings.


Sundays prepare us to live faithfully every other day of the week. Jesus says, “Go into the world,” and we believe He meant just that. We ask every member to find ways to be a devoted family member, a faithful neighbor in your neighborhood, employee in your workplace, and a light in the world wherever else you may GO!