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“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes…but no plans.” – Peter Drucker

AT SYCAMORE VIEW, we began 2016 by placing five commitments before our church family. This process began because of the need to have a clearer, more focused, more intentional plan in place to encourage spiritual development, maturity, and growth into Jesus and all He desires for His people. We realize that strategies and plans are helpful, yet they are greatly hindered if they do not function within a healthy culture and environment.

Our mission hasn’t changed: Helping people see Jesus. The vision for our church hasn’t changed: We are called to partner with God to restore hearts, relationships, and communities in Memphis and around the world. What we are placing before the church are commitments that will draw us closer to God’s heart and mission. We realize as leaders of His church, we will be held accountable one day by God for how we have invited others into a deeper life with Him.

This process began last July, and on February 7th of 2016, we will have our Commit Sunday. Our ultimate desire isn’t to make you into a really good member of the Sycamore View Church, but to usher you into a life where you become a more fully developed follower of Jesus.

(CLICK HERE to download the Commitment Card)

On Sunday, we are asking every person in the Sycamore View family to come with their card. Prior to Sunday, it would be beneficial for you to prayerfully work through the card. If you don’t have time to process it beforehand; no problem. We will have cards available on Sunday, and will provide a few opportunities throughout our worship service to work through the card together as a church family.

It’s important to know that this is not about legalism, guilt, or intimidation. This is about opportunity, invitation, and discipleship. This is not about being indoctrinated into the Sycamore View culture, but rather it is about pressing into the deeper things of God.

Towards the end of our sermon, we will have a time when the church will be asked to walk their cards to a couple of designated places in our Worship Center. The only people who will see this card will be the elders and the staff. Each card will be prayed over by the leaders of the church, and it will provide formative, positive, healthy conversations between leaders and the church as we move deeper into God’s heart and mission together. Information about “connect” and “serve” will be entered into our database, and then given to the assigned Ministry Team.

In my 8 years at Sycamore View, we have not had a process that has been more clear, focused, and intentional than this. We now have a God-honoring commitment card to give to new members. I am so grateful to God for His work in and through this church.

Below, you’ll find a few questions that people may ask about the 5 Sycamore View Commitments.


F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions)

What if I’m not at Sycamore View on February 7th?
No problem. We will have cards available for a couple of weeks, and every new member will come into contact with them in the future.

We have talked a lot about our 10 Strategic Partners over the past year, but I don’t see them on the Commitment Card? What do I do if I want to connect with one of our Strategic Partners: HST, SOMA, Agape, HopeWorks, Kingsbury MS or HS, Shelby Oaks, Memphis Teacher Residency, Streets Ministries, or the Boys and Girls Club?
You will find these under “Local (38134)” or “Urban (901).”

If I’m interested in serving with the Youth Ministry, Children’s Ministry, and/or Worship Ministry, which box do I check?
All three of these ministries are located under “Body Life.”

Who will see these cards?
The Sycamore View shepherds and leaders will have access to each card for the sake of prayer and positive, healthy conversations. The connect and serve components will be placed in our database, and that specific Ministry Team will have access to those particular components for the sake of follow-up and making sure people are plugging into these areas.

Giving is a very sensitive subject. What if I don’t feel comfortable placing a percentage on my Commitment Card?
Next to the Kingdom of God, there is not another subject Jesus discusses more than money and wealth. However, to deeply invest in discipleship and spiritual formation, giving and generosity is not an option; it is a necessity. It teaches us that God will provide; therefore, we give from our firstfruits. If you would like accountability for your giving, you are welcome to specify the amount and we will lovingly check in with you about your stewardship. It is important to know that fulfilling this commitment is not about making up budget deficits or shortfalls. It is because we believe that giving is a spiritual discipline, that when practiced, draws us deeper into God’s heart and activity in the world.

What if there is one or more of the 5 Commitments that I don’t check a box for?
Our interest is not to indoctrinate people into the Sycamore View Church; it is to invite people into the deep things of God. As a leadership, we believe that all 5 commitments are biblical, God-honoring, and essential for growth and development into mature disciples of Jesus Christ.


Josh Ross
Preaching Minister

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