AT SYCAMORE VIEW, we want to cultivate a thriving environment of discipleship. We know life happens and it’s often hard to find the time to dig deeper into God’s word. This is why our plan for adult education focuses on Sunday morning Bible classes, yet also includes other discipleship venues. Our goal for Crosswalk is to create a more holistic spiritual habitat that is challenging, exciting, and matures all believers.

IN AN EFFORT TO EQUIP ALL FOLLOWERS for our vision of restoration, Sycamore View uses a unified curriculum for Sunday morning Bible classes. Our new Crosswalk Education Ministry offers a wide array of Wednesday night Bible classes with no set curriculum in order to nurture a more flexible environment of discipleship. Special interest classes and other requested offerings are included (but are not limited to) Life Group leader training, a worship class, and video discussion classes to be made available during our evening meetings. We also offer optional Self-Studies that promote individual growth outside of our Bible class environments. Crosswalk will also provide Re:Focus Retreats and Restore Celebrations throughout the year to help build a framework for discipleship.