REGARDLESS OF WHETHER you are searching for a church family or are on the fence about faith in general, we want you to know that you’ll always have a home with us. We are a body of imperfect people called by a perfect God to partner with Him as His hands and feet to the city of Memphis and surrounding areas. If you have never visited Sycamore View church before, we want to invite you to join us for our Sunday morning Bible classes at 9:00 am and worship gathering at 10:15 am!

At Sycamore View, our mission is to help people see Jesus. We passionately believe that reorienting people to Him is the only way to truly restore hearts, relationships, and communities. Our vision for the future of our church calls for partnership with God to help restore the brokenness both in Memphis and around the world. Join us as we seek to restore deeper relationships with God and our communities.


(Watch the video above on the importance of discovery from our preaching minister, Josh Ross)

 This is why we often refer to faith is an adventure. Like most adventures, faith involves a search for truth, exploration, and a certain amount of risk. This journey to discover the living God isn’t just about arriving at the right answers, but about asking the right questions. At Sycamore View, we want to help give you the tools to begin your faith adventure.