No Turning Back

I’ve spent a lot of time in the book of Hebrews over the past few months in preparation for this sermon series. Hebrews has been described as a puzzle that is difficult to put together. No one is sure of the author, the audience, or the date. Yet, there are some things we know. The recipients of this book were weary, exhausted, and tired. It doesn’t seem to be because of physical persecution, but because the Christian life didn’t seem to be paying off. Following Jesus wasn’t easy. Therefore, people slowly began letting their faith fade. Weariness led to complacency and apathy which led to a faith that was no longer active. Sounds kind of relevant to our world, right? Here’s the good news: the answer throughout the book of Hebrews isn’t a call for more revivals, events, or even guilt; but rather a call to fix eyes and hearts on Jesus. He is the anchor for the soul (6:19), the pioneer of our salvation and faith (2:10 & 12:2), and the forerunner on our behalf (6:20). 

Commit to coming the next 12 Sundays. Pray bold prayers. Let’s see what God will do. 

- Josh Ross, Preaching Minister