Prayer Requests

Monday, May 20, 2019 

Glenn and Marie Hailey, in the death of their dear friend and neighbor, Sandra Posey, on Saturday following her fight with advanced stage cancer.  Prayers also for her husband, Robert.
Doris Foree and the Family of Lonette Tyner who passed away Thursday.  Lonette was the mother of Denise Douzains and the grandmother of Blake Carlisle who both attend SV. The funeral services for Lonette were Friday. 

Randy Fowler, as we celebrate that Randy is now home following a 5-month hospital stay; while at home will be closely monitored for infection; also dealing with an exposed bone in right foot that may require additional surgery.
Janice Grantham, mother of Eric Cheney, now at home following hospital stay; determined she had an aneurysm causing blockage; will return in 2 weeks for possible follow-up procedure.
Phil Mabry, cousin of Suzanne Jones, has been discharged to rehab following a stroke and multiple clots on brain; small improvements every day.  
Matt Mouser, nephew of Wayne and Brenda Mouser, suffered stroke that has impacted speech and mobility on right side; currently in Little Rock hospital; requests prayers for healing and strength and for the doctors and nurses caring for him.
Hazel Murphy, now at KDS in Room 123 for rehab following surgery for broken hip
Joe Curtis, undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments for jaw and facial cancer; this is a follow-up to surgery in March; prognosis is good, but side effects could be rough

Charles Barnett, Niki and Bo Burross and Family, Mike Caylor, Christy Cooper, Anna Grace Greenwood, Hope Greenwood, Larry Harris, Lisa Hickman, Philip Hines, Dianne Johnson, Bettye Long, Piper Long, Kay Malone, Carolyn Miller, Jeff Mitchell, Elizabeth Montgomery, Tammi Montgomery, Marilee Moore, Peshone Nelms, Melita Pitts, Wayne Ray, Carolyn Rogers, Monifa Polite-Schill, Barbara Sagraves, Tom and Carolyn Sawyer, Pat Simon, Jerry Sutton, Cheronda Thompson and Family, Sheila Tucker, Mollie Van Horn, Martin Woods, Alan Wyatt

*All of our family members and loved ones who are serving in the military which include: 
Maj. Aaron Hines, son of Kathy Hines, Air Force, deployed to Baghdad
Trevor Forsythe, son of Tony Forsythe, stationed in Washington
Brian and Jessica Kearney, stationed at Killeen, Texas

Dino and Mata Tzanetos 
- Athens, Greece
Dema and Julia Gryschuck - Kiev, Ukraine          
David and Lorie French - Zambia

Gonzalo and Mayra Salinas - Panama

David Britton's grandmother
Carolyn Jefferson (mother of Johnny Jefferson, frequent attendee of SV)
Thomas Morris (attendee of SV)
Caleigh Jo Erwin (niece of Dan Butler)
Beverly Jamerson (visitor to SV)
Janice Stacey (friend of Suzanne Jones)
Ron Catalano (friend of Glenn Hailey)

Sam Means, Sr. (father of Jo and Robin Means, Gloria Johnson and Tina Alexander)
Janice Berryman and Frank Cantrell (daughter and son-in-law of Jim and Phyllis Berryman)  
Todd Collier (son of Fred and Jackie Collier)

(Names will remain on this listing for 2 weeks. Please contact the office or email with updates and to remain on the listing.)