Prayer Requests

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 

ST. FRANCIS - PARK (765-1000)
Jerry Sutton, ICU Room 364, multiple health issues 

Joyce Bellamy, Darrell and Elizabeth Montgomery in the birth of their grandson and great grandson, Alexander Benton Bellamy, on November 11.  Alexander weighed 7 lbs. 9 oz. and was 20 in. long.  Parents are Marcus and Rubi Bellamy and proud sister is Amelie.  

Kendall Baldwin, requests prayers that she will "defeat the enemy."
Kelli Whitehead, friend of Joan Brown who is a member at Bartlett Woods, requests prayers for Kelli and the Whitehead family who lives in Florida, where she contracted the flesh eating bacteria while wading in the ocean. She has had many surgeries to remove the infection, but it keeps spreading. Her leg was amputated to the hip, but it's spreading so quickly, more surgeries are required daily.
Cindy Griffiths, abnormal medical tests, requests prayers for good follow-up results.
David Britton, as he expressed his appreciation for the encouragement of the church during his Christian walk; requests prayers to be more faithful and to be a better Christian leader.  
Thomas Morris, as he surrenders his life to God and requests prayers of the church.
Amy Tullos, mother of Melissa Schon, diagnosed with leukemia; prayers as she makes many decisions regarding her healing.
Holly Childs, visitor to SV, prayers for herself and her daughter as they deal with sickness along with financial pressures and stress

Charles Barnett, Jim Berryman, Niki and Bo Burross and Family, Mike Caylor, Paul Foree, Randy Fowler, Anna Grace Greenwood, Hope Greenwood, Larry Harris, Lisa Hickman, Philip Hines, Dianne Johnson, Bettye Long, Piper Long, Carolyn Miller, Jeff Mitchell, Elizabeth Montgomery, Tammi Montgomery, Peshone Nelms, Melita Pitts, Wayne Ray, Carolyn Rogers, Sherri Rogers, Barbara Sagraves, Monifa Polite-Schill, Tom and Carolyn Sawyer, Cheronda Thompson and Family, Sheila Tucker, Mollie Van Horn, Veronica Veltman, Martin Woods, Alan Wyatt

*All of our family members and loved ones who are serving in the military which include: 
Maj. Aaron Hines, son of Kathy Hines, Air Force, h
as left Iraq and headed to Germany 
Trevor Forsythe, son of Tony Forsythe, stationed in Washington
Brian and Jessica Kearney, stationed at Killeen, Texas

Dino and Mata Tzanetos 
- Athens, Greece
Dema and Julia Grischuck - Kiev, Ukraine          
David and Lorie French - Zambia

Gonzalo and Mayra Salinas - Panama

Dwain and Bettye Flowers (parents of Kelly Robinson and Amanda Helton)
Arita Ware (mother of Frances King)
Dean Morton (father of Elaine Morton),
Danielle Littlefield and daughter, Giselle (daughter and granddaughter of former Shelby Oaks Art Teacher)  
Carl Wayne Perry (father of Chad Perry)
Corrie Broughton (daughter of Taryn Edwards)
Co-worker of Sandi Shoemaker
Helen Harris (friend of Carole Warbritton)  
Nick Parrish and Lisa Whitaker (grandson and daughter of Carole Warbritton)
Janice Grantham (mother of Eric Cheney)
Todd Collier (son of Fred and Jackie Collier)

(Names will remain on this listing for 2 weeks. Please contact the office or email with updates and to remain on the listing.)