Prayer Requests

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Kay Giardina, Room 4419, admitted for possible mini-stroke; has recovered somewhat so may be released soon. (NO VISITORS ALLOWED)

Vickie Bell, former member of SV, has been moved to step down unit while continuing to recover from triple bypass surgery performed Friday; vitals are good; prayers also for Bruce and family as no family can visit at this time. (NO VISITORS ALLOWED)

Fred and Jackie Collier in the death of their son, Todd Collier, last night in Virginia following a battle with a painful skin affliction. Due to the current world situation, there will be no funeral service at this time and his remains will be cremated.  Prayers are also requested for Todd's wife, Julia, and children, Abigail, Sarai and Jacob, and Todd's brother, Brad.  Cards may be sent to Julia Collier at 350 High Street, Dayton, VA  22821.
Darrell Montgomery, Joyce Bellamy, Brenda South, Kelly Montgomery and Families in the death of their wife, mother, and step-mother, Elizabeth Montgomery, yesterday morning. Funeral arrangements are incomplete at this time.   
Cary Cavender and Kevin Cavender in the death of their father and grandfather, Finis Cavender, Sunday in Austin, Texas. Funeral services are incomplete at this time.   

Morgan and Charli Gonder in the birth of their baby girl, Maggie Warner Gonder, on April 2. Maggie weighed 8 lbs. 8 oz. and was 21 1/4 inches long.  David (Poppi) and Sherri (Nan) Shelby are the proud grandparents.  
Chris and Brooke Guillo in the birth of their baby boy, Brecken Bear Guillo, on March 29th. Brecken weighed 7 lbs. 4 oz.  Camden and Isabella are excited to have a new baby brother! 
Brittany Clark in the birth of her sweet baby boy, Ashton Mateo Clark, on March 27th. Ashton weighed 7 lbs. 2 oz.  Rose Marie also welcomes her new baby brother. 

Stephanie Moser, mother of Anna Moser, results indicate 2 of 3 lymph nodes removed last Thursday are cancerous; waiting to hear from oncologist to see if chemo is needed; continuing to recover at home.
Fred Breckenridge, great uncle of Nathan Breckenridge, tested positive for the COVID-19 virus; lives in Oak Ridge, TN.
Brandon and Kylee Ward as Kylee will enter the hospital tomorrow morning for the birth of their first child.
John and Joelle Poissant in the upcoming birth of their baby.    
Art and Nan Oestmann, cousin of Carl Bobo and his wife, both suffering with COVID-19 in Mississippi; Nan's mother and sister both passed away this week from the COVID-19 virus.
David Britton and his mother as she has tested positive for COVID-19; David has also now been tested.
Deven Wells, while returning home from work experienced very concerning symptoms of breathing; however, after hospital examination, now at home recovering from dehydration and mild panic attack; thankful for quick responses and prayers.
Charles Barnett, now at home taking afib medication.

Wynona Sellers, mother of Juanita Harp, doing much better following tests for a possible brain bleed
Newton McLeod, father of Steve McLeod, as he deals with aging issues; lives in Savannah, GA
Keri Elizabeth, daughter of co-worker of Mark Hickman, requests prayers.
Shep Knight, 1-year-old member of Oliver Creek, hospitalized and on ventilator for bronchial respiratory problems; not virus related
Pam Butler, requests prayers for her sister, Nan, and her niece, Jessie, as their jobs cause them to remain in constant contact with people, and her elderly mother, Irene.   
John Johnson, brother of Kim Chapman, has now been discharged from the VA Hospital and moved into the Alpha Omega House.
Monifa Polite-Schill, now at home following recent hospital stay for blood toxicity. 

Jim Berryman, Niki and Bo Burross and Family, Mike Caylor, Paul Foree, Randy Fowler, Anna Grace Greenwood, Hope Greenwood, Cindy Griffiths, Mark, Tyler, Caleb and Rachel Hickman, Larry Harris, Philip Hines, Dianne Johnson, Piper Long, Carolyn Miller, Jeff Mitchell, Tammi Montgomery, Kathy Moss, Katherine Pace, Elizabeth Patterson, Chad Perry, Melita Pitts, Wayne Ray, Rebecca Reed; Carolyn Rogers, Jerry Rowland, Barbara Sagraves, Tom and Carolyn Sawyer, Mike Sasseen, Jeff Smallwood, Cheronda Thompson and Family, Sheila Tucker, Mollie Van Horn, Veronica Veltman, Martin Woods, Alan Wyatt

*All of our family members and loved ones who are serving in the military which include: 
Gavin Graves, as he has joined the Marine Corps
Maj. Aaron Hines, son of Kathy Hines, Air Force, has left Iraq and headed to Germany
Trevor Forsythe, son of Tony Forsythe, stationed in Washington
Brian and Jessica Kearney, stationed at Killeen, Texas

Dino and Mata Tzanetos 
- Athens, Greece
Dema and Julia Grischuck - Kiev, Ukraine          
David and Lorie French - Zambia

Gonzalo and Mayra Salinas - Panama

Cordova High School Senior Class
Harper Mynatt (2-year-old girl in Cookeville)
Bobby Cranfield (friend of Carole Warbritton's daughter)
Jennifer Cottam (friend of Mollie Van Horn)
Shelby Turne(friend of McLane Ramsey and Caroline Birdwell)
Chip Cayce (husband of Elaina Thomas Cayce)
Gay Johnson (mother of Kim Chapman)
Metta Johnson (sister-in-law of Kim Chapman)

(Names will remain on this listing for 2 weeks. Please contact the office or email with updates and to remain on the listing.)