SINCE OUR MISSION IS TO HELP PEOPLE SEE JESUS, we are passionately convicted that reorienting people to Him is the only way to truly restore hearts, relationships, and communities. Our vision for the Sycamore View family calls for partnership with God to help restore the brokenness both in Memphis and around the world. We believe that restoration isn’t a destination. Instead, it’s the relentless pursuit of returning to life as God intended. As we partner with God to restore brokenness, we must be purposeful not only in determining where we are headed with His vision, but in knowing how we plan to get there. As disciples who have been restored, we seek to restore deeper relationships with God and our surrounding communities.

It is no coincidence that the two greatest commands involve matters of the heart. Loving God with all our heart and learning to love neighbors as ourselves are not easy tasks, but they offer the keys to restoring a broken world. Compassion for others includes not only a restored sense of love for God and others but also a renewed vision of humanity. Our capacity to give and receive love as Jesus did is the sign of a restored heart.

 Before his death, Jesus prayed that all believers would be relationally unified just as He, the Spirit, and God are unified. From experience, we know that relationships have the power to hurt and the power to heal. By following Jesus’ example of unity, we learn to restore relationships through compassion, forgiveness, reconciliation, planned connection, and healthy communication.

God uses restored hearts and relationships to build and empower communities. His vision for restoring brokenness through community can be seen in early disciples who gave to those in need, ate meals together, and gathered for worship. By partnering with God to restore through common goals, mutual respect, and conflict resolution, Sycamore View hopes to mend both local and global communities.


  • At Sycamore View, we want you to familiarize yourself with our vision. For a more in-depth list of vision opportunities please feel free to download the pieces below and keep yourself informed by connecting with us through Facebook and Twitter. Check back for opportunities to get involved with God's vision for our church!



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Check out our restore testimony videos above to hear about how our vision is shaping hearts, relationships, and communities both in Memphis and around the world!