WE SERVE BECAUSE JESUS SERVED. As a body of believers committed to following His example, we are devoted to pursuing a lifestyle of service. By serving others we are able to fulfill our vision to restore hearts, relationships, and communities. This is not only our passion, but also our way of life. 

For restoration to take shape, it takes commitment from the entire church body to serve our community. Throughout the year, we host Restore Days. During these Sundays, you won't find church members lingering in pews. What you will find, however, are members engaging in restorative projects across the city.

WE NEED EVERY MEMBER to act on faith and play an integral part in serving our diverse community. Our church is passionate about helping all members find and fulfill God's purpose for their lives, part of which is serving others. Sycamore View is alive with vibrant ministries and service opportunities that exist to connect people to each other and to God. Get involved and help us be a part of God's mission to help people see Jesus.