Our Youth Ministry hopes to develop disciples of Christ

so we want our 6th-12th grade students to love and follow Jesus in amazing, contagious, and adventuresome ways. Read more about the philosophy behind our youth ministry here. You can also check out our core values here. Join us as we strive to become better disciples and share Christ's love to those around us. Read below for gathering times & upcoming dates.

>> For more information about our Youth Ministry contact Jim Hinkle or Fawn Bauer.

Roots on Sunday Mornings & The Grove on Wednesday Nights

6th-12th graders are invited to go deeper in Scripture, to practice spiritual disciplines to mature in their relationship with God, and to connect with their friends during the school year. Friends are always welcome! 

Roots Sundays from 9-10AM in the MPAC. All 6th-12th graders come together for a big group teaching time and then join their Roots small groups led by our adult Roots Guides. Groups are divided by gender and grade.

The Grove meets on Wednesdays from 7-8PM in the MPAC. The first Wednesday of the month we meet at 6:15pm for a meal together. At 7pm we begin our time of worship and hear from a guest speaker. Wednesdays in the middle of the month, we split high school and middle school. Last Wednesday of the month we split guys/girls.

Upcoming Dates At-A-Glance:

  • Jan. 17 Soaking 6-6:45pm/The Grove at 7pm
  • Jan. 27 Mid South Girls Conference (details below)
  • Feb. 4 Mother/Son Footprints (details below)
  • Feb. 16-18 Winterfest (details below)

Fall Event Details 

The 10th Annual Mid-South Girls Conference is January 27, 2018. This year's theme is "Free To Be" as we celebrate 10 years of women coming together to worship our Father. Our guests speakers this year are Hayley Waldron, Ariyana Rimson, & Sarah Brooks. Registration is closed. Drop off at Harding Academy (1100 Cherry Road) at 9:30AM. Pick up at 6:30pm. Lunch, snack, and t-shirt provided.

The Mother/Son Footprints is before the big game on Sunday, February 4 from 1-3pm. Mothers/Mother figures and 6th-12th grade sons can grab lunch together and then meet up with all the other moms & sons at the Bluff City Escape in Bartlett (behind Sheridans on Stage) to see if they can outwit the latest room puzzle and escape together! Cost is $15 per person and sign-up is needed. Please email if you'd like to attend this event. We have a 50 person limit.

Winterfest is February 16-18 for all 6th-12th graders. We will spend Friday through Sunday in Gatlinburg, TN worshipping, hearing challenging messages, and enjoying the town. Cost is $125. Register by February 7 HERE. More information found HERE. If you need a written excuse for your school to miss that Friday click HERE.